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Your Online Currency Dealing And Remittance System

Your advantages

  • We put your priorities on top. We work tirelessly for you until you succeed and modernise your business.
  • You receive dedicated services of our highly skilled pool of software professionals who are experienced in business and technology to rely upon.
  • Your specialist requirements in the areas of of Finance and Technology for your business, need no further lookup.
  • We add great value to your existing team of professionals and significantly cut costs and other overheads.
  • Your customized and bespoke software development in your areas of interest for your business is our expertise.
  • You benefit from our ready-made software products in foreign exchange and money transfer business. We bring wealth of knowledge and understanding to your needs in these core areas of your business, and help accelerate your growth curve.
  • You receive excellent after sales service support with high level of quality assurance.
  • Your receive best professional consultancy services, besides software solutions.
  • Migration of software from legacy to modern technologies.
  • We empower you with agility to respond to rapid changes and stay ahead of competition.

Your challenges in money transfer business


  • Keep up with the ever changing payment systems environment?
  • Acquire, retain and maintain customer relationships for repeated business?
  • Comply with regulations on dealing with money laundering and fraudulent patterns of customer transactions?
  • Price your customers and yet remain profitable?
  • Redue your risk of market exchange rates fluctuations in real time?
  • Source best possible liquidity source?
  • Route your domestic and international payments at minimum costs and faster remittance?
  • Ensure each payment reaches to a non-sanctioned and bonafide party?
  • Reconcile daily books of accounting ledgers and bank account entries?
  • Invest wisely in adaptive and responsive modern technologies without disrupting your existing legacy infrastructure, to empower your future enterprise?

You may have the answers and solutions for some or all of the above, but our solutions may add better values.

Your benefit from our online forex remittance system

Rapidly build your own brand. Be the owner of your own data. Shape your future.

  • Realtime view of all your customer transactions and payments.
  • Provide your own white label solutions to partner agencies.
  • Helps you increase your sales than ever before — 24 hours a day. Stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Significantly helps you to increase your customer base by allowing you to operate through a wide network of agents or branch locations in one or more countries. Improved market penetration, having wider reachout to customers world-wide.
  • Option to roll-out in different languages.
  • Be part of multi-billion GBP payments market, and accelerate your growth.
  • Offer better choices and services for your customers via online or iPhone / Android applications.
  • Robust customer onboarding process ensuring full compliance with FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulations.
  • Automate customer identity, background sanctions screening.
  • Minimize efforts in processing customer receipts via bank or online card payments.
  • Automatic and realtime email or sms notifications to configured entities.
  • Quick and easy configuration for automated real time or manually entered Foreign Exchange Rates.
  • Stay ahead of banks by providing faster and cheaper rates to your customers.
  • Choose your own or our recommended liquidity providers.
  • Highly flexible, customisable and growth oriented technology

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