About Us

About Insight International

We are a dynamic group of individuals with a diverse experience(s)  across various industry verticals with a committed intention to be one of the U.K’s  meaningful leading provider of Business Process Management, IT Services, Innovative and Integrated Professional Support Service solutions. At the moment we are comprised of about 30 staff across the UK, and India.

Using technology, specialist Consultants, business insight, professional networking and analytics to create a backbone and framework for everything we do, we work very closely with our clients and supplier, in the private, public and SME sector playing a key role in helping our clients and their clients deliver integrated modern services efficiently, effectively and to a high standard.

By engaging experienced and highly motivated consultants we use innovative and proven, often unique, IT and software platforms and frameworks, together with our understanding of a client’s requirement together with wide and deep understanding of superior, accessible customer services to help our clients grow, become more sustainable, profitable and deliver the best experience possible for their customers.

We support clients across a range of industry verticals, including banking, financial, Telecom , Media , Education, Transport, and SME private sector organisations. We support our delivery with expertise from across our business – in customer management, software and hardware used by us, back and front office operations, Talent Management, Knowledge Retention, Recruitment and Training – working together with our clients and service partners to provide a seamless, integrated and multidisciplinary solution.