Pega Development Services

Insight International Helps Maximise Business Value With Strategy, Engagement and Delivery through our Pega COE – (Centre of Excellence)

With the advantage of “digitization wave” service provider needs to have an intense focus on the customer and understand the importance of maximizing each and every customer interaction. At Insight, we understand how to compete in the PEGA space and how we must transform more than just how we serve our customers.

We focus to streamline business operations to make customer engagement integral to all core identified business processes. We believe that Organizations that want to achieve an impactful, long-lasting transformation in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Process Management (BPM) can rely on Insight International for a Holistic approach to address business outcome as per SLAs agreed during the transformation and engagement journey.

Our unique approach being a small and an agile software company , built on passion and nurtured around world-class  delivery capabilities and deep expertise around each of the consultants in the PEGA domain related to technology, business operations and CRM helps us provide seamless, efficient, industry-relevant, and context-aware customer interactions across marketing, sales, customer service, and operations with our customers’ Pega platform.

Insight International is establishing its presence slowly but steadily in this industry as an effective  Pega player and with the combined capabilities of our consultants and their experience in various industry sector – we are confident of bringing in strategic advantages on all front as an effective CRM service providers. With our comprehensive suite of customer experience (CX) offerings, Insight International helps customer understand how to leverage Pega to differentiate their business  and achieve new levels of customer loyalty.

We help our Customers create an agile digital experience by connecting the Right People, Right Methodology and Right Planning – leveraging  technologies and streamlining the appropriate processes to achieve exactly what you expect from Pega: accelerated growth, improved sales productivity and  reduced customer care costs.

Insight International Contributes to Successful Relationship by putting their Trust in “Two in a Box Model”

Architect the selling Experience – as a two-stage process – Initial Stage of Engagement and Pre Sales to delivery

Our Pega professionals can show our customers how digital enterprises architect a superior selling experience to serve the non-stop customer, embracing digital and cloud technologies as catalysts for change.  During this our customers, can see how evolving operations quickly become an “insight engine” for sales. By better managing every aspect of the customer’s purchasing journey, our clients create far more profitable relationships and gain a competitive advantage.

We Adopt Industry-Leading Processes

At Insight –  with our deep, industry-specific knowledge and years of experience of carefully selected consultants we help global organizations and leading System Integrators adopt leading business processes, we are uniquely positioned to help our customer simplify and streamline their operations with Pega solutions.

Our Centre of Excellence – for Pega (COE-PEGA) is a proven and effective approach and development accelerator that brings our unique and innovative localized delivery capabilities to our customer’s Pega implementation. It helps make projects faster, more predictable and repeatable while reducing costs.

Our approach is not just about implementing technology—it’s about bringing IT and business stakeholders together to drive business change, addressing all the activities of the broader business landscape that make transformations “stick.”

Our customers trust us and recognize that being a small firm we are focused, committed, and very adaptive in our approach to resolve all the issues and business objectives as agreed at the beginning of the journey.

By teaming with us – our customers leverage our leading IT skills, industry knowledge, process architecture methodology and broad access to a very global resource on Pegasystems technology. Insight International with their vision, ability and commitment to deliver integrated CRM and BPM solutions are well poised to Maximise Business Value With Strategy, Engagement and Delivery through our Pega COE – (Centre of Excellence).